Have an hour to visit with seniors on Saturday? It’s in honor of Grandparents Day.
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About 800 volunteers are being sought to spend one hour with a senior citizen during a community-wide Adopt A Grandparent Day on Saturday.

Volunteers are asked to set aside one hour at either 10 a.m. or 3 p.m. to visit senior citizens in 33 elder care facilities throughout the six-county South Mississippi region.

National Grandparents Day is Sunday.

The National Center for Health Statistics says 50 percent of nursing home residents have no close relatives and 46 percent have no living children. Many seniors, particularly those in nursing homes, feel lonely and isolated. Adopt A Grandparent Day was founded in 2014 to help change these statistics.

Volunteers may sign up at www.adoptagrandparentday.org. Donations also may be made via PayPal through the website.

Sponsorships, from $100 to $1,200, are also available to help promote the event and buy gift items for seniors. Details: Kathy Rogers at adoptagrandparentday@gmail.com or 228-206-5902.

Adopt a grandparent, spread some joy

By Taylor Welsh, source: Picayune Item

Adopt a Grandparent Day is in its fourth year in south Mississippi, a day set aside for volunteers throughout the community to pay their respect to senior citizens.

Kathy Rogers, founder of Adopt a Grandparent Day, said many nursing home residents have no close relatives and or are without living children. To keep them company and boost their morale, Rogers asks the Pearl River County community to volunteer and spend time listening to the stories of senior citizens at the Senior Center of South Pearl River County.

Adopt a Grandparent Day is Sept. 9, but registration should be completed as soon as possible, Rogers said.

Last year, more than 600 volunteers visited 32 nursing homes in Harrison, Hancock, Jackson, Stone, George and Pearl River counties, involving volunteers ranging from high school students to other senior citizens not residing in a nursing home.

“It’s a little bit of effort that goes a long way for these seniors. They all have amazing stories to tell, but no one to tell them to. All the volunteers always enjoy going to this and we hope to get even more this year,” Rogers said.

The goal for this year’s Adopt a Grandparent Day is to have over 800 volunteers across the six counties, she said.

The deadline to register was extended to September 5.

Anyone unable to volunteer because of time restraints can still contribute to the senior citizens of the county by making a donation or sponsoring the event. The tax-deductible contribution will help fund the contents of gift bags for the senior citizens and other aspects of the event. The amount of funds collected prior to the event will determine what activities will take place on Adopt a Grandparent Day.

To donate, visit www.adoptagrandparentday.org.

Rogers said she is still accepting sponsorships from local business through next week. Sponsors will have their logos printed on the Adopt a Grandparent Day T-shirt.


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September 9th will be the fourth annual Adopt a Grandparent Day.
The nonprofit aims to make the golden years a little bit more golden, at least for one day. Last year they were able to increase their reach to include 33 nursing homes in the six bottom counties.

They are still in need of hundreds of volunteers to make sure that they give every grandparent a chance to feel special. Adopt a Grandparent Founder Kathy Rogers said, “The upper three counties need a lot more volunteers up there so join us and make a difference. We are also looking for items to put in the gift bags for seniors because we take a little goody bag for each senior so if you have some kind of swag item that you want to donate that you want to go in the gift bags, we would love to have it.”

Visit www.adoptagrandparentday.org to register to be a volunteer.


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800 Volunteers needed on Saturday Sept.9th 2017 for Adopt a Grandparent Day where people around the coast come and visit the elderly who normally do not have anyone to visit them. Come and volunteer for this great program at www.adoptagrandparentday.org or call 228-206-5902.


It’s time for the third annual “Adopt a Grandparent Event” presented by Marston Rogers Insurance.

Last year, the event put 527 volunteers to work visiting 20 of South Mississippi’s nursing homes to deliver gifts and spend some time with seniors who might not normally get visitors while staying at assisted living facilities.

This year, 32 nursing homes are participating and the Marston Rogers group hopes to have over a thousand people sign up to help out with the “Adopt a Grandparent” event, which will happen on Saturday, September 10th this year.
Those interested in volunteering can visit www.adoptagrandparentday.org or call 228-832-9113.

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Kathy Rogers

Hundreds of South Mississippians are getting ready for “Adopt a Grandparent Day.” The event is held throughout South Mississippi each year the day after National Grandparents Day. A year of preparations and hard work pays off for this local nonprofit, the hundreds of volunteers and nursing home residents they visit one hour, one day each year.
Sadly, half of all residents in nursing homes and senior living facilities never receive a visitor.

“Adopt a Grandparent” volunteers will visit 30 nursing homes in six Mississippi counties tomorrow. Volunteers are still needed to visit two Stone County nursing homes. If you are interested, visit adoptagrandparentday.org for more information.

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Kathy Rogers
Rogers’ discovery helps to change hundreds of lives

On September 10, the third annual Adopt a Grandparent Day will be celebrated across the nation, especially in Mississippi.

Growing up, Kathy Rogers, coordinator of Adopt a Grandparent day in Mississippi, was surrounded by positive morals and ethics from a family of faith, which included respecting the elderly. Ever since she experienced a life-changing moment, she decided to dedicate a whole day to the elderly, helping them stay cheerful and positive.

“It’s the heritage of my family to honor the elderly. My mother raised me that way and I am continuing her legacy,” Rogers said.

During the past two years Adopt a Grandparent Day compiled volunteers from across Mississippi to go to nursing homes in Jackson, Harrison and Hancock counties to “touch the lives of the great senior citizens,” Rogers said.

In the first year, Rogers gathered 319 volunteers who visited 19 nursing homes. The next year, it rose to 527 volunteers visiting 20 nursing homes. Her goal is to expand each year.

“We hope to have 1,000 volunteers visiting 30 nursing homes,” Rogers said. “Our goal is to change 1,000 senior’s lives.”

This year, volunteers will visit nursing homes in Jackson, Harrison, Hancock, George, Stone and Pearl River counties.

When the elderly become a resident of a nursing home, Rogers said the majority of them feel lonely and isolated or emotionally distressed during a time of their lives that should be celebrated with laughter and joy. She recognized this when her mother, Sybil Jean Megehee Pigott, was in a nursing home for 30 days.

In 2011, Rogers’ mother had a stroke, which forced her to move in with Rogers. Then two years later, Rogers’ mother fell and broke her hand, requiring 30 days in a nursing home for rehabilitation. This is when Rogers saw the loneliness some seniors experience in a nursing home.

“It’s not the nursing homes themselves, because they provide a great service for the elderly. For most of the elderly though, it is how they got there that is the saddening part,” Rogers said.

Rogers and her husband frequently visited her mother while she was in the nursing home, but the first time they went back was an eye-opening experience.

“When we entered the home, she was sitting with her back towards us. We walked over and when she turned around she said ‘I thought you weren’t coming back,’” Rogers said. “This made me think about how most of these senior citizens maybe have families or friends that drop them off and never come back, which really hit me and made me want to make sure that each senior citizen in nursing homes feel like they are loved and that people are interested in them.”

Recently, Rogers’ mother passed away. Because of her experiences in the nursing home, Rogers coordinates Adopt a Grandparent to honor her legacy.

When volunteers go to the nursing homes, they divide into teams and bring supplies to participate in activities with the elderly. Groups that have participated range from high school students, businesses, motorcycle clubs, boy and girl scouts, military, churches and other generous individuals.

“When we get there, we run through the halls and knock on every door to invite each senior to help us make a Adopt a Grandparent Day banner. When they see us, you can just see their energy change and they begin smiling ear-to-ear to have fun with all our volunteers,” Rogers said.

The banner is the best part of the two-hour event on Saturday, Rogers said, because it is the beginning of an amazing experience for both volunteers and seniors.

“This day isn’t only for the seniors, but it is exciting and beneficial for the volunteers as well,” Rogers said. “These seniors have all had full lives and have some amazing stories to share. We can all learn from the elderly if we just sit down and talk with them.”

Other activities include bingo and story telling. To Rogers, this event means more than helping the seniors.

“This makes me feel like I’m making a difference and making my mother proud. I want to honor her with every action I make and seeing all these smiling faces in a nursing home would do just that,” Rogers said.

Adopt a Grandparent Day is still looking for volunteers, especially in Picayune, as well as donations to buy supplies for the volunteers to bring to the nursing homes.

To donate and register to volunteer, visit adoptagrandparentday.org.

Source: Picayune Item (By Taylor Welsh)

Kathy Rogers
Make someone’s Saturday less lonely: Adopt a grandparent for an hour

Kathy Rogers of Rogers Insurance in Gulfport said her mother came to live with her in 2011 after suffering a stroke.

But when her mother fell in 2013, Rogers said they placed her in a nursing home for rehabilitation for 30 days. Rogers said it’s an experience she will never forget.

“I remember seeing my mom the next day, and she was crying — she said she thought we weren’t coming back for her,” Rogers said.

She said she and her family continued to visit her mother during her stay.

“My husband would go around the same time every day, and people would be waiting on him in the hall — just waiting to talk to him,” she said. “So many people in nursing homes don’t have families, and they get lonely and they just want someone to talk to.”

Rogers and her staff created Adopt A Grandparent Day as a way to bring some caring and attention to those in assisted-living and nursing care.

National Grandparents Day is celebrated the second Sunday in September.

“We decided to have Adopt A Grandparent Day on the second Saturday in September, and we are needing some volunteers for this Saturday, Sept. 10.”

Rogers said they started the program in 2014 with 3,230 volunteers and went to 18 nursing homes in Harrison, Hancock and Jackson counties.

This year, she said, they are trying to almost double their visits.

“We are looking for 1,000 volunteers to spend an hour of their time visiting with people in nursing homes on Saturday,” Rogers said. “We are going to 32 facilities, and we have added George, Stone and Pearl River counties to our service area.”

Those interested in volunteering can complete a form at adoptagrandparentday.org.

“We need 1,000 volunteers this year,” she said. “We are going to visit at 10 a.m. and at 3 p.m., depending on what’s best for the nursing homes.”

The volunteer signup ends Thursday at noon.

Rogers said the whole family is welcome to participate.

“We encourage people to bring their children,” she said. “(Elders) love to visit with children.”

Source: Sun Herald (BY JEFF CLARK, jclark@sunherald.com)

Kathy Rogers
‘Be happy’ and give back this week

This week, support a good cause while vying for a fun-filled “staycation” and make a new friend.

From 7 to 10 p.m. Friday, the Mental Health Association of South Mississippi will host its Don’t Worry Be Happy fundraiser at the Biloxi Civic Center.

The night will feature music by 3HG, a raffle of staycations, including a night’s stay and dinner at the Palace Casino, food tastings from local restaurants, auctions and more. Special guest Mark Landis, an artist who duplicates famous paintings, will be in attendance along with recipients of the 2016 Annette O’Keefe Humanitarian Award.

Admission tickets range from $30 to $50. Attendees must be at least 21 years old. Details: 864-6274.

On Saturday, the third annual Adopt-A-Grandparent program returns to South Mississippi. At either 10 a.m. or 3 p.m., volunteers will visit the elderly in the Coast’s nursing homes and senior-living residences. About 1,000 volunteers are being sought to participate in Adopt-A-Grandparent Day.

Interested volunteers can sign up at adoptgrandparentsday.org. Donations are also being accepted, which will help promote Adopt-A-Grandparent Day and buy gift items for seniors. To become a sponsor, contact Brenda Saucier at adoptgrandparentday@gmail.com or call 228-206-5902.

Source: Sun Herald (BY ALANDERIA WHITLOCK, awhitlock@sunherald.com)

Kathy Rogers
Spend an Hour to adopt a Grandparent on September 12th


klal@sunherald.com Twitter: Kristiewlal

July 28, 2015 

Marston Rogers Group is looking for 500 volunteers to spend one hour with the elderly at local ursing homes Sept. 12.

"The premise of Adopt A Grandparent is for volunteers to give up one hour for one day to visit with the elderly in nursing homes and retirement facilities," said Kathy Rogers, owner of Marston Rogers Group. "Our hope is that they will form relationships and go back on their own. However, we do not track if they go back or not."

The National Center for Health Statistics says 50 percent of nursing home residents have no close relatives and 46 percent have no living children. Many seniors, particularly those in nursing homes, feel lonely and isolated.

In 2014, Marston Rogers Group set out to change the statistics by starting Adopt A Grandparent Day.

"Last year, we had 18 nursing homes and 326 volunteers from Harrison, Hancock and Jackson counties participate; this year we expect even more participation," Rogers said.

The second annual Adopt A Grandparent Day will take place the day before National Grandparents Day and volunteers will perform organized visits to the residents of nursing homes and senior living facilities across South Mississippi. The result is a day filled with smiles, fun and laughter.

"We are in the process of preparing for this year's event; yesterday we visited the nursing homes who participated last year along with some new ones," Rogers said. "All the feedback was positive and the staff is looking forward to our return this year."

Marston Rogers Group handles all of the scheduling of the nursing homes and volunteers. Each nursing home has a planned time for their event and each volunteer signs up for a specific nursing home at their specific time.

"I was blessed with the opportunity to lead a team to Bay Cove for Adopt A Grandparent Day last year," said Kate Lawler, Bay Cove team captain. "It was amazing to witness the joy of the residents when we showed up. They especially loved all the children."

"You could tell that they really appreciated the time we spent joining them for the afternoon game of bingo and by the conversations that took place. On my way out, I ended up connecting with the wife of one of the residents who is a retired Air Force pilot and have actually returned to visit with them on several occasions. I will definitely be participating again this year."

Volunteers will receive a free T-shirt and materials necessary for arts and crafts at each location.

For more information on Adopt a Grandparent Day or to volunteer for the event, visit www.adoptagrandparentday.org.