Adopt A Grandparent Day 2021 Update

Dear Volunteer,

Due to the changes brought about by Covid-19, Adopt A Grandparent Day will be different this year. Understandably, volunteers we will not be allowed to enter facilities. However, with your help we hope to make a difference again this year.

Our plan is to deliver laminated cards, letters and drawings along with a decorated treasure box filled with requested items and prizes for bingo and other games to each facility.

Here is how you can help.

  1. Create and mail cards, letters and pictures to us at 15431 O’Neal Road, Suite B, Gulfport, MS 39503; they need to be received by August 21st. If you are able to collect multiple items, call us and we can arrange a drop off point. These will be laminated and distributed to facilities; they can be sanitized once laminated.
  2. Volunteer to help us laminate the items we receive. Contact us for more information.
  3. Purchase and decorate one of our specified “treasure boxes” and deliver to us to by August 21st.
  4. Go to our Amazon wish list,, purchase items off our list and have them shipped directly to us to be received by August 21st. The list can also be found on our Facebook page and website.
  5. Consider having your business or organization adopt a facility and take on the task of completing and delivering the box yourself. Monetary donations are welcome to aid in purchase of items for the facilities.
  6. Volunteer to help us fill our treasure boxes and deliver them to the facilities on September 11th.
  7. Spread the word! We need your help to make a difference again this year.

For more information call my office, 228-206-5902, or contact me through email.


Kathy Rogers